Forging the Future of AI:'s Pioneering Collaboration with Haiper AI


We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Haiper AI, a distinguished pioneer in the field of Artificial General Intelligence. Haiper AI's expertise is showcased through their powerful perceptual foundation model, elevating the realm of AI-generated videos from text to new heights.

Their team, with deep roots in Google DeepMind, TikTok, and top-tier academic labs, embodies a unique blend of advanced machine learning proficiency and a creative ethos that champions the joy and shareability of creativity.

A recent milestone for Haiper AI is their breakthrough in AI-generated video, demonstrated by AI-created screens such as a fighting game select screen, Cats vs. Dogs and Goat Karting. This achievement is a testament to their ingenuity and innovation, and we at are in awe of their accomplishment.

As part of this collaboration, is committed to providing Haiper AI with essential resources such as computing power and GPUs for model training. This support extends to all our business partners, enabling them to fully leverage our infrastructure and products. The fruits of this collaboration, including shared innovations, will benefit both our companies.

Our partnership with Haiper AI signifies more than just collaboration; it represents a collective step towards reimagining the creative potential within the AI industry. By uniting our efforts, we aim to nurture and empower a new generation of creators who are driven by innovation and cross-disciplinary exploration.

At, our journey doesn’t end here. We are continually seeking innovative business and research partners who share our zeal for pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. If you are pioneering in your field and enthusiastic about the expansive possibilities of AI, we invite you to join us. Our products and AI infrastructure are here to support your progress.

Together, we can forge new paths, transform industries, and unlock the full potential of AI to address complex challenges and create a better future.

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