Announcement: Launching Usage-Based Mining Mechanism and GPU Dashboard


We are excited to announce two significant updates aimed at enhancing the user experience and operational efficiency within the NetMind ecosystem.

1. Usage-Based Mining Mechanism

Our new usage-based mining mechanism is now live. Users will receive rewards based on the actual usage of their machines within the NetMind ecosystem. To encourage long-term stability, up to 10% of the reward pool will be allocated to idle machines. Our advanced task distribution system strategically assigns tasks based on stability and other factors, ensuring optimal network efficiency. This update fosters greater community involvement by closely tying rewards to users' real contributions and will significantly speed up the joining process for users currently in the queue.

2. GPU Dashboard

Our new GPU dashboard is now live. This dashboard provides comprehensive insights into GPU counts, utilisation rates, and overall network contributions. It embodies our commitment to transparency, allowing users to monitor and optimise their participation, ensuring they maximise their contributions to the NetMind network. By offering clear visibility into key metrics, the dashboard reinforces our dedication to maintaining an open and transparent platform. Visit the dashboard:

These updates are designed to enhance system efficiency and user experience, allowing more participants to actively engage with our platform. We remain committed to continuous improvement and look forward to seeing the positive impact these changes will bring to our community.