Advancing Stability, Efficiency, and Sustainability in NetMind Power


NetMind Power is excited to announce strategic updates aimed at boosting the stability, efficiency and sustainability of our platform.

Greater Rewards Long-term Staking

Staking NetMind Token ($NMT) is a straightforward way to earn rewards while supporting our decentralised network. Choose between flexible staking, long-term staking, or providing liquidity to official trading pairs for your rewards. Long-term staking, with a lock period of 6-month(182 days), offers 4 times the rewards compared to flexible staking. For more detailed information on the staking rewards structure, including the complete distribution plan, check out our whitepaper:

By incentivising longer lock periods with substantially higher rewards, we aim to attract committed stakeholders who are interested in the long-term success and sustainability of our decentralised platform. This approach not only helps secure the network but also fosters a more stable economic environment, reducing volatility and encouraging responsible investment. Ultimately, these changes are expected to enhance the intrinsic value of NetMind Token, providing a robust foundation for the growth and development of our ecosystem.

Usage-Based Balanced Mining

With our systems currently operating at 90% capacity and a growing list of eager users, we are implementing measures to streamline and expedite the joining process.

Evolving Mining Mechanism: We are expanding our mining operations to include everyone. This enhancement will significantly speed up the joining process for users currently in the queue. Rather than relying solely on static parameter verification, we will employ a more dynamic, evolving algorithm to assess the suitability of computers for our network. Moving forward, users will receive rewards based on the actual usage of their machines within the NetMind ecosystem, rather than merely connecting to the network. We have developed a task distribution system that strategically assigns tasks to various volunteer computing machines based on stability and other factors, ensuring the network operates with maximum efficiency. This shift will ensure that rewards are more closely tied to users' contributions, fostering greater involvement and active participation within our community.

Strategic Adjustments to Mining Rewards and Penalties: To ensure the sustainability of our mining ecosystem and better align it with market dynamics, we will fine-tune the mining coefficients, expecting a gradual reduction particularly for A100 and H100 units. Additionally, we will activate a penalty coefficient for unstable GPU nodes to maintain system stability.

These changes are designed to not only enhance system efficiency but also improve user experience by allowing more participants to actively engage with the NetMind network. We are dedicated to continual improvement and are excited to see how these updates positively impact our community.